• We sell all sizes from a whip to caliper trees.
  • Trees sold are geared towards NL growing zone 5 or 5B – restricts variety but increases the chance of success.
  • Zone trees (less than 5) do well too; our experience has helped us tweak our selection for harsh climates.
  • The first year is the most important in terms of customer care and intervention – after that, they are self sufficient.
  • When planted, trees MUST be staked – if root ball moves – the tree will not root properly.
  • Trees are a large investment but some live 50 to 100 years – a smart investment for increased real estate value.
  • The larger the home – the larger trees required to maintain scale – large trees can overtake a small property.
  • Varieties we sell include red maple, other maples, fruit – apple, pear, cherry, peach, plum, etc., white and blue spruce, yews, golden chain, lilac, birch, pine, crab-apple, and more.
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  • Shrubs are the best value for your gardening dollar; relatively low cost, with a long life - plus most bloom.
  • If first year care is followed, subsequent years are practically maintenance free, except for pruning and fertilizing.
  • Pruning keeps shrubs a manageable size, especially for gardens with limited space.
  • Shrubs range in size from tiny to huge – there are varieties for all sized gardens.
  • The shrubs we sell are geared for NL growing zone 5 or 5B; a shrub with "Artic" or "Siberian" in its name is hardy. 
  • Most popular varieties in Newfoundland are rhododendrons, azaleas, spireas, weigelas, hydrangeas, roses, dogwoods, beauty bush, burning bush, cotoneaster, lilac bush, boxwoods, and more.
  • Boxwood is an excellent choice for a low hedge or border. Spirea and weigela are two of the hardiest shrubs.
  • Rhododendrons and azaleas should be planted away from lime; most others would require lime in Newfoundland.
* Click on the thumbnail images below to view larger size pictures.
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