The largest garden feature - trees come in every size, shape and color. There's one for your sunny or shady area - choose wisely for your size space!

Elaine's tip:
The Siberian Cypress makes a fantastic ground cover. It's dense, vigorous, low growing, spreading 2 metres in diameter - a variety that's bright green in Summer and turns coppery in Fall. It's very, very hardy and I have several planted.
Trees - Deciduous and Evergreen

Shrubs are "the best bang for your buck" as they are fairly inexpensive and have a long grow life. They come in every color, size and shape.

Elaine's tip:
Rhodos and azaleas require acidic soil! Any lime in the soil will turn them blasty red and eventually kill them. The best place to plant them is on a low hillside in a sheltered location in loose, loamy acidic soil. Deadhead the spent blooms after flowering!
Some of our favourite trees:
Siberian Cypress, Pine, Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac, Golden Chain, Flowering Crab, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Crimson King Red Maple, Dwarf Korean Lilac, Snowball, Yew
White Pine - extremely hardy - grows well near salt water - with deep, rich needles densely spaced.
Fat Albert - a slow growing, dense pyramid with bright blue needles - grows to 10 metres high by 5 metres wide - plant in full sun.
Flowering crabs are a group of ornamental trees which have an incredible variety of flower colours and fruit. Some of them have a weeping form while others are upright.
Golden Chain - this is a spectacular yellow blooming tree that reminds me of hanging bananas! Fragrant - an early summer bloomer- a magnificent specimen.
Japanese Maple - its weeping shape and wispy leaf makes it a conversation piece in anyone's garden.
Hick's Yew - fast growing, columnar shape, has dark green needles - grows in sun or part shade - grows up to 200 cm - stunning as an evergreen hedge.
Cypress - many varieties - some are fan shaped, some conical, some erect and upright - tends to do well in NL climate - comes in various shades of green - from gold to dark green.
Red Maple - One of my favourite maples is Autumn Blaze - a fast growing tree that is green in the spring and turns orange-red in the Fall.
BIRCH - group of trees known for their striking white bark - extremely hardy - Zone 2 to 5 - plant in full sun - can grow to height of 18 metres - mostly upright form - fast growing - provincial tree of Quebec.
Some of our favourite shrubs:
Rhododendron, Azaleas, Burning Bush, Snow Mound Spirea, Weigela, Smoke Tree, Cotoneaster, Japanese Maple, Lilacs
AZALEA - These are deciduous and equally as showy as Rhododendrons! Huge clusters of bright yellow, orange, red, pink, or white flowers come in Spring. My favorite is Mandarin Lights - it's shade tolerant. Plant in loose, loamy, ACIDIC soil like the Rhodos. Deadhead spent blooms after flowering.
AZALEA - mature azalea in my Dunville garden.
RHODO - great presence thanks to their leathery look evergreen leaves and hand-sized blooms in Spring. MUST be planted in acidy soil or they won't survive! Plant in sheltered area with gentle incline so lime cannot leach its way to them. Rhodos are shade tolerant too. Deadhead after blooms end!
BURNING BUSH - (Euonymus Alata) - Dark green foliage that turns to spectacular fire engine red in the Fall. Can be planted as a conversation piece for your garden or as a hedging!
SPIREA - a large group of deciduous shrubs that provide unusual foliage, colour, and size. One of my favourites is the compact Goldmound (I have them planted everywhere on my property).
SNOWMOUND SPIREA - with it's long, pendulous and graceful arms of white. A real conversation piece.
LILAC - Never met a lilac that I didn't love! Bloomerang varieties are very popular as they re-bloom during the year - we call them "two-timers"! Some are fragrant like the Common Lilac and Dwarf Korean Lilac. Some grow huge and fabulous. ALWAYS PRUNE YOUR LILAC AFTER FLOWERS FINISH BLOOMING!
WEIGELA - All weigela attract hummingbirds! They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are a staple item for your garden. My favorite is the big one "Red Prince" which will knock your socks off. I also love the smaller one called "Wine & Roses". The name is as attractive as the plant!
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Tree / shrub planting
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