Perennials are a great way to add variety to your garden. Unlike annuals, they don't have to be replaced every spring. Some are ground cover, some attract butterflies, while others add fragrance.​

Elaine's tip:
Pay attention to the plant tags - they give accurate info on shade/sun, height, color, size and spacing requirements - so not to end up with an over crowded garden in five years. BE PATIENT! Do proper spacing - cover open areas with mulch.

Vines are the perfect answer to unsightly fences, decks or low lying buildings. They climb any vertical surface or trellis and quickly cover it. Ferns have unusual textures and do extremely well in shady woodland areas of your property. They are PEST FREE and add a unique element to your garden. They are the "connoisseur" plant. Grasses add texture and movement and sound to your perennial garden. You'll love the elegant sway of the grasses!​

Elaine's tip:

Some vines are self-clinging e.g. Virginia Creeper - but some require support like a trellis. An almost invisible support that can be used is chicken wire.
Vines, Ferns and Grasses
Some of our favourite perennials:
Dwarf Bleeding Heart, Blanket Flower, Astilbe, Day Lilies, Gay Feather, Hostas, Cushion Flower, Peony, Iris, Hens and Chicks
GAILLARDIA - The true common name is “Indian Blanket Flower” - this is a full sun plant and a real beauty in the garden. They bloom for a long time and are not too tall for our windy climate! They come in many shades from Yellow to Apricot to Red. A MUST in your perennial garden.
Day Lilies - loved for their showy blooms and forgiving nature - they will grow in most types of soil and light conditions. They have a dense, clump growing nature and multiply quickly. It is long lasting and a favorite among seasoned gardeners. Thrives in the heat of the season!
HOSTA - Mounds of character in any shady garden! Some do well in the sun such as Francee & Patriot. Hostas grow best in rich, well irrigated soil. Small to Large with foliage in shades of green, blue, grey & gold. They make a "WOW" statement!
PEONY - The jewel of the Garden! The blooms are huge & catch everyone's attention.  They come in whites, pinks, purples & reds.
ASTILBE - my favorite shade plant.The flowers are very showy and their graceful plumes are thick & lush. This beauty comes  in colors from  white to shades of pink, purple & red. They thrive on half days of sun & love moist soil!
HENS & CHICKS - these plants continually self-perpetuate / multiply - as the mother hen dies out, young chicks take its place and then grow  their own babies. Children love watching the family of chicks grow!
PIN CUSHION FLOWER - mid size grower - 45 to 50 cm - comes in blues and violets, reds, and burgundy - blooms in June to August - attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
BLEEDING HEART - (Dicentra): The dwarf variety is my favourite (grows 20-30cm high) as the wind doesn't affect it the way that it does the taller(80cm), old fashioned variety. Bleeding Hearts are great for part shade to full shade gardens & are loved by most people. Does not thrive in the sun!!
IRIS - This plant is nothing less than breath taking. They are so elegant & come in numerous colors. All bearded Iris will bloom in the Spring & some of them bloom a second time in the Fall. "PINK ATTRACTION" is both a Re-bloomer and Fragrant! Who could ask for more in a plant?
HONEYSUCKLE - This climber bears it's fragrant blooms on sturdy vine branches that need to be tied off to a trellis or secured to chicken wire as it's not self clinging. They bloom from June to Sept. Most are zoned 2-4 which is perfect for our cold climate!
CLIMBING HYDRANGEA - has a vigorous self clinging habit. I trim mine (pictured) so it does not stick to siding. It is growing on chicken wire wrapped around my chimney on the shady side of my house. The blooms are flat, white, and as large as my hand! A conversation piece when it comes to leaf!
WISTERIA - Historically, wisteria only grew in the warmer climates - like the southern United States - but newer varieties are much hardier and grow quite well here in Newfoundland and Labrador.
VIRGINIA CREEPER - (Parthenocissus): An extremely vigorous and fast-growing vine. Grows well in any type of soil or light. A spectacular color display in Fall - grows crazy on brick buildings!
CLEMATIS - This is a delicate looking vine that produces dazzling, hand sized blooms. It loves the sun on its head and cool shade at its feet - so mulch it well. I love the old traditional varieties like Jackmanii (pictured) and Nelly Mosher.
OSTRICH FERN - Ferns have unusual textures and do extremely well in shady woodland areas of your property. They are PEST FREE and add a unique element to your garden. They are the "connoisseur" plant.
GRASS - Miscanthus Gracillimus - grasses add texture, movement and sound to your perennial garden. You'll love their elegant sway!
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